• Bells & Clocks

    " The Pure sound of the bell summons us into the present moment. The timeless ring of truth is expressed in many voices, each one magnifying and illuminating the sacred. The clarity of its song resonates within us and calls us away from those things which often distract us - that which was, that which might be - to That Which Is ".

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  • The Parish Radio Link Service

    The Parish Radio Link Service allows all church ceremonies to be beamed into the homes of those who, through illness or infirmity are unable to attend. The Radio has been a great success and comfort, especially to the elderly, Relieved of lonliness or isolation, participants immediatly feel part of every parish occasion, and the Daily Mass is the highlight of the day.

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  • Church Services 'Live' Web-Cam Streaming

    The Live Web-Cam Service allows all church ceremonies to viewed live on any computer, smartphone, or home television. Thsi is a wonderful resource for those who are away from their parish, either living, working or holidaying, who would like to participate in the life and events of the parish.

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  • Installed Sound Systems

    Public Address

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For over twenty five years Belltron has been providing professional solutions for Church projects in the fields of Communications and Engineering. Belltron has built lasting relationships and a loyal following at home and abroad through the professional quality of products and services, a personal sevice, and dedication to serving our customers needs.

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Bells & Clocks

Engineering works in the structural integrity and automation of cast bells, clocks and their towers, has been central to Belltron's work over the past 25 years.

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WPAS Parish Radio Link Service

The Parish Radio Link has proven a great resource for nigh on twenty years for keeping parishioners in touch with the life of the parish. Primarily intended for the housebound, a broad spectrum of parishioners currently benefit daily from the service.

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Live Internet Streaming of Church Services

Live Streaming, or Webcasting allows access to church services by anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device, computer, tablet, smartphone or TV.

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Installed Sound -Public Address

Reproducing speech and music in a clear and intelligible manner can be challenging, especially in an environment that can often have a high level of reverberation. Belltron provides analysis and solutions that will optimise your communications and produce a natural and balanced sound throughout the church..

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Thank you so much for the Radio Link Service. Its marvellous to be able to receive Mass at home since I can't get out and about now. When I listen at home with my eyes closed I may as well be in the church.– Mary, Parishioner, 92